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Hiring Process

  1. We know how significant is to hire good and talented people into our teams. There are three areas where we test the quality of candidates, they are 1. Do they really interested with our Vision? 2. Do they possess the team skills which we eventually encourage in our organization and 3. Apart from the Job and its benefits why do one should be part of us?
  2. Answers to these questions will be the measuring stick for hiring. We look forward to your interests than the skills that you posses, because with curiosity and interest you can surely do your best.
  3. Hiring takes place almost throughout the year, but usually freshers are hired at campuses across the country and the other sources are through recruiters and from open market.
  4. All new hires for the engineering team will go through two technical rounds and a final one-on-one HR interview. Freshers will be on a probation period of six months before they become permanent, during the probation the company will train them on required skills to enable them to be fit and equipped with skills.
  5. As a part of the hiring process we encourage the candidates to leave us a feedback on the process. We insist for the feedback during senior level recruitment process, in order to ensure our quality in hiring.


A resume is more than summarizing your experience and achievements. It is by which you “Sell” yourself to the person or organization who are in need. It all boils down to selling you, how effective you can market your skills and talents that potential buyers feel satisfied in hiring up for your services.

Some guidance on writing an effective resume

  1. Understand that its not a matter of just sitting for an hour, you really need to think how best you can bring our your selling point
  2. Backup your achievements with appropriate facts. Keep it quantifiable in terms of concrete results
  3. On the top it must be the highlighter of what the hiring manager really needs in you
  4. It must be easily readable with proper spacing and consistent formatting
  5. Never got over board or exaggerate your accomplishments. Remember it not always you the best wherever you go
  6. Emphasis that you are serious with company’s vision and ready to embrace it
  7. Check and re-check for typos and grammatical mistakes. Bad grammar may cost you more
  8. Avoid ambiguity as much as possible be concise at the same time not allowing for misinterpretation
  9. Update your profile across portals like LinkedIn and other professional websites where one can really know more about your career
  10. Your resume need to be tuned for each Job profile. This helps the hiring manager get attention since it is tailored one for his/her needs
  11. Research on the job that you are preparing the resume for.