Why Surya Informatics

It’s the same reason why we code and build software. Because we know better the challenges that you face and the right solutions that you need. We are confident with our planning and the quality that we commit ourselves would deliver success results. Because there is no other reasons save our process and people. We draw both waters in keeping our commitments committed.

Why you should count us on

  1. In all that we do or say, we are committed and dedicated to be your technology solution partner
  2. It’s not the Technology that drives us, but our customer’s demand while Technology fascinates
  3. We believe that looking beyond solutions is the way for Innovation and break-through

Our Quality Policy

  1. Strive for the ideal quality in all matters
  2. Fully equip oneself in all aspects to meet and exceed the quality expectations
  3. At each process and at each level set quality benchmark and measure it at every level/stage to ensure total defect free solution