Supply Chain Management

Everyone knows the importance of communication inside the organization, and the way things go haywire if communication puts a bad show. Think about how you communicate with your suppliers and partners, how significant it should be with streamlined processes.

Our SCM products bring to table the valuable deliveries after the extensive study that has been carried out in design phase. Most software systems fail for one sole reason: Not meeting what the customer wants. At the pinnacle of power of technology, the right way of putting to use still needs the knack of understanding the customer. We got that into our heads from day one, that customers and their needs should be the driving force for every feature in our product. This philosophy has took to high places where our product stood for what and why we build

What can be delivered?

  1. Strategic Sourcing
  2. Integrated demand and supply management
  3. Fleet Tracking and
  4. Effectiveness benchmarking at each key areas


  • Uniting the standard silos within organizations to bring out collaborative and integrated working
  • Inventory replenishment strategy and procurement or synchronized effectively in hub-and-spoke distribution
  • RFID enabled tracking across locations and warehouses
  • Giving out the analytical power of in-built engines to provide with detailed and valuable analysis
  • At every aspect of SCM, we have framed a key metrics to measure, weigh and to grow