Data Analytics

In this world of data driven decision-making, two years can feel like a lifetime. Decades of using instinct and industry knowledge to navigate the business landscape has seen leaders remain reluctant to use data to unlock value and drive growth. But now is the time of embracing the power of analytics solutions in digging the data for valuable insight. Surya Informatics takes this challenge and have framed a unique and reliable solution.

Aligning technology and Business for powerful insights:

  1. Plan for the high quality and well-governed data. Organization should reach the point that data in possession is reliable and truthful
  2. Mining for pattern- extracted information can be used to answer complex business questions
  3. Using Hadoop for huge data store and use commodity hardware
  4. Predict the future, so as to align our business goals to meet needs
  5. Text mining to gather data across sources like web feeds, comments…etc in order to feel the pulse of stakeholders and others