Stress management in the work place - challeges faced by HR

Challenges Faced by HR:

  • One employee should not feel that the HR is only concerned about the alternative employer which may lead from stress to depression.
  • Due the stress the employees may not retain in the company which will affect the reputation of an organization.
  • Data Preparation & cleaning
  • The employees will get over stressed on their work time.
  • The employee may ready to open up with their concern or problem to the management or HR


  • HR should hear the concern of both the employees and should analysis the issues from all the side to take a correct action. Both their problem should be resolved and convinced with a solution by ensuring the problem will not occur again.
  • Employees should feel that all their problem are taken to the consideration and also a happy work environment will makes the employees to fell their job is safe and secured which will retain employees in the organization for very long period.
  • HR should motivate the employee by conducting some stress relief program to the employees and also need to provide some adequate break for an employees. Organization can also have gym access to employees to overcome the stress.
  • The HR should know the cause of stress by interacting to these employees and if they are not ready to open up with their concern they should arrange a meeting with a psychiatrist for the counseling in a monthly basis.

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