Let’s Sail In a Ship which converts your Knowledge into an experience

Our organization always love to stay connect with the future generation. Through our internship program you can gain a lot of experience and provides an opportunity to become part of our team. We also encourage and motivates your new ideas also helps you to acquire more knowledge in new technology. The only aim of our training program is to make you expertise in the latest technology and helps to mould yourselves to start a career in corporate sector. It is an initiative from our end to reduce gap between academic and corporate.

We Offer

Internship will help provide a lot of information under a roof.

Primarily we identifying talent and skill in the graduates.Secondly,we provide the graduates a platform to showcase their skills

We will guide the graduates with appropriate technologies that suits and give them a room to learn and perform in order prove themselves

We Provide

  1. We associate with young minds to identify their talents and helps to mould them in the way to start and develop their career to the next level by letting them to be a part of us
  2. We believe that it is necessary to inculcate graduates with appropriate set of skills during the academic itself. Which provide a clarity in the mind while shifting to a new environment
  3. We address in our internship programs that what all they need to know for facing a corporate as a fresher and what are problems that they face while hiring a fresher in a corporate.