Why Surya Informatics

Let’s travel together to next level

As an organization we always welcome new technology and talents. Here we develop leaders and provide space to explore, develop and showcase your talent. We help our employees to learn and grow along with our organization and also provides an opportunity to start and build your career with us.

To be part of the society, we build a relationship with institution to bring industries and academics together. We encourage guest lectures and faculty-corporat interactions as a part of knowledge sharing by our technical experts and advisers, which is a commitment that fulfil the benefits of both parties and the society.

Why us?

Scope For Work Life Balance

We Always ensure our employees are happy with our organization. Because only a happy employee will have a thought that they are the part of our organization also can create new ideas and thoughts for achieving our vision. A happy employee can only be achieved through the proper work life balance so, we ensure our employee has a space for his professional and personal life.

Right Job For Right Person

Our employees feel satisfied on their works since gets an opportunity to prove their skills on their desire field. Here we value the talents and skills of the employee. so, jobs are not just decided based on their qualification. If a candidate has proven his leadership skill on any other areas along with his academics, we also value that while we recruit.

Professional Development

As an organization we help our employees develop their professional skills. We train our employees to reach next level in their career ladder. Our employees will always be ready to take up a new challenge and they even know how to carry themselves in a professional way.

Work Environment

A good work environment will reduce stress and work conflicts in an organization. We provide a happy and secure workplace for our employees. We believe that only a happy and work friendly environment will motivate the employees and gives satisfaction to their work which helps to take an organization to next level.


Your hard work will always pay a good result. We evaluate the performance of the employees in regular basis. We always value the new talents and good performer in our organization. The talented employee will definitely get recognized and awarded by our management. A consistent performer will grow in his career ladder to the next level based on their skills.

Job Security

We consider our employees are one of our valuable assets. We believe a safe and secure work will make the employees to feel happy and make them retain for the long period in an organization. So, we provide our employees a safe and secure work atmosphere where they can work without any fear in our organization.

Way We Hiring

 We know value of hiring good and talented people into our teams. On three aspects we test candidate quality

  1. Interested to work based on our Vision?
  2. Do they possess the skill of team player?
  3. Why us apart from the Job and its benefits?

Based on your answers you will be analyzed. We also look into your interests than the skills you possess, because curiosity and interest will showcase the best in you.

 All new candidate will go through three rounds of interview

  1. Written Assessment
  2. Technical round / Group Discussion
  3. Face to face HR interview.

Freshers will become permanent only after the six month, during the probation period we will train our employees on the required skills for their job and career growth.

 We encourage the candidates to leave us a feedback as part of the hiring process in order to ensure our quality in hiring.