Guidance On Writing An Effective Resume

A resume is more than what we think. It not just summarizing your experience and achievements. First the candidates need to understand that it’s not a matter of just sitting for an hour, they really need to think about how best they can highlight their selling point. Resume helps the candidates to “Sell” themselves to the person or an organization who are in need of it. It shows how effective one can market their skills and talents to the potential buyers and convince the buyer to hire them for the services that they aimed for in their minds.

By updating your profile across portals like LinkedIn and other professional websites can really help someone to know more about your career. Your resume should be highlighted on each Job profile. This helps the hiring manager get attention based on their needs.

Points to focused while preparing a resume:

  1. Research on the job that you are preparing the resume for.
  2. Prepared your resume in an organized and visually appealing manner.
  3. It must be easily readable with proper spacing and consistent formatting.
  4. Never use first person pronouns while framing the sentences.
  5. Frame proper tense based on the current situation. Inadequate tense will easily catch in the eyes of the hiring manager.
  6. Check and re-check for typos and grammatical mistakes. Bad grammar may cost you more.
  7. Backup your achievements with appropriate facts. Keep it quantifiable in terms of concrete results.
  8. Never got over board or exaggerate your accomplishments. Remember it is not always you the best wherever you go.
  9. Avoid ambiguity as much as possible be concise at the same time not allowing for misinterpretation.
  10. Avoid mentioning references information in your resume. Recruiters may come to the conclusion that they want to talk to you, not your references
  11. Emphasis that you are serious with company’s vision and ready to embrace it.
  12. On the top it must be the highlighter of what the hiring manager really needs you.
  13. Send you resume always in the PDF format, which will not change your alignment format.

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